What is blepharitis?

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelids. It’s a common cause of sore, red eyelids and crusty eyelashes.
Thankfully, your eye doctor can prescribe effective blepharitis treatment that can limit the eyelid inflammation before serious damage occurs to your eyes or eyelids.

There are several possible causes of blepharitis, including:

Bacterial eyelid infection

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)

Dry eyes

Fungal eyelid infection

Parasites (Demodex eyelash mites)

Blepharitis and dry eyes often occur at the same time, causing confusion whether dry eye causes blepharitis or blepharitis causes dry eye.
Blepharitis usually is associated with an overgrowth of bacteria that live along the margins of the eyelids and at the base of the eyelashes. Over time, these bacteria multiply and create a structure called a biofilm.
The most common symptoms of blepharitis are:

Burning or stinging eyes

Crusty debris at the base of eyelashes

Irritated, watery eyes

Itchy eyelids

Grittiness or a foreign body sensation

Depending on the severity of blepharitis, you may have some or all of these symptoms, and blepharitis symptoms may be intermittent or constant. In some cases, blepharitis also causes loss of eyelashes (madarosis).

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